A Call to Fast

A Call to Fast

[20] The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast in that day. – Mark 2:20

Referring to himself as the bridegroom, Jesus notes that his disciples do not fast because his currently with them, but that they will later fast when he leaves. Why is that? In the work of Christ, we see that he has fully accomplished the work of redemption on our behalf. He has taken the punishment that our sin deserved and given us his righteousness freely as a gift. The work of redemption is complete and Jesus stands as the supreme, sovereign king over all creation even now. So why does Jesus call us to fast after his ascension?

We fast as a physical symbol of our yearning for the consummation of Jesus’ work. We fast as a physical symbol of yearning and longing for Christ. The physical pain of hunger reminds us to seek him in prayer and to cry out for his return. Even though we have experienced the first fruits of our salvation, fasting can make us yearn and long for the fulfillment of that salvation. We fast not because we haven’t tasted Christ’s presence, rather we fast because we have tasted Christ’s presence and we eagerly desire to know him more through the forsaking of food for a season.

As a church, we would love to fast from food (if you are able) corporately from Saturday evening until we partake of communion Sunday morning. This will give us a chance as a body to pursue Christ through prayer and fasting, crying out for his full and final restoration, while also truly tasting and seeing the Lord’s finished work in the elements of communion. Would you join us this evening in this fast? Would you hunger and thirst for Christ as you fast? Would you pursue Christ with ardent passion this evening? Would you celebrate the work of Christ in communion Sunday morning?

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