An Eternal Plan

An Eternal Plan

“…this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God…” – Acts 2:23

The heart of the Biblical storyline is God’s redeeming and restoring work for fallen and sinful humans. This redemption story is just that—a story of God’s working, culminating in the work of Jesus. Even from the very beginning where man sinned, God’s heart has been bent towards redemption. Therefore, Jesus’ work was not an afterthought—it was the main plan. God, before eternity past, planned the death of Christ for the ransoming of sinners unto eternal life. This means that whatever temptation you face, whatever sin befalls you, whatever sorrow encompasses you—your heavenly Father both cares for you and ultimately will one day redeem you fully. The work of Jesus is therefore sufficient for every one of your needs, from now till eternity.

For the sake of reflection, meditate upon these two questions today:

  1. Does God’s foreknowledge of the Cross bring hope to you in the midst of your strife with sin?
  2. Will you pray today that the Lord would grant you fresh affections for His Son and His work?
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