Together in the Gospel, for the Gospel, to the glory of God

Member’s Meeting

We encourage each of our covenant members to join us for a chili/soup dinner followed by our members meeting Sunday from 5:00-7:00PM. There will be a time of Q & A with our elders. Feel free to email your question(s) to and include your name. Summit will provide the cheese and sour cream toppings, as well as drinks, chips and crackers. Please bring a finger food dessert to share. If you are willing and able to make a pot of chili or other soup, please contact Brian,

Renew Conference

Our third annual Renew Conference is February 02 and 03. This conference is for all 6th-12th grade students. Students will experience worship, teaching, and community as we unite with 15 other local churches together in the Gospel. Students will stay in host homes Friday night. Cost is $55, or $60 at the door. To sign up, visit the registration page. For more information, contact DJ,