Are You Looking for Miracles?

Are You Looking for Miracles?

As we come to the end of our series on miracles I have been struck by how easy it is to miss God’s power at work in my day to day life.  God is at work in so many ways, and the more I am aware of how He is at work, the more it helps my relationship with Him.

What are some ways we can be more aware of God’s miracles in our lives?

  1. Process out Loud

I don’t always notice in the moment when God is displaying His power, but when I talk to people, when I engage with the staff at church, people in our community group, or the elders, and we ask each other where do you see God’s miraculous power, I start to notice where He is at work.  It’s when I process out loud that I see His work.

  1. Process on Paper

Writing also has a way of helping me to notice God’s miraculous power in my life.  Taking a moment to journal can be a great discipline to becoming more aware of God’s miraculous work in our lives.

  1. Process in Prayer

Have you ever just asked God, ‘God, where are you displaying your miraculous power in my life?’  God wants us to sense His presence and to be aware of His work.  He is not trying to hide Himself from us, so sometimes it helps just to ask.

Let’s continue to become a people who is more aware of the miraculous power of God in our lives so we can help others become aware of God’s presence.



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