Back to School

Back to School

“Back to School” – words that cause a flurry of action.  For many, getting ready for the new school year means picking up schedules, meeting new teachers, and filling the annual school supply list.  Did you know that it costs an average of $75 to fill a school supply list for just one student?  For many families, this cost is multiplied because they have multiple children.  As  you can imagine, this can be a significant financial burden for many families in our church and in our community.

Our CG became aware of a household that has five elementary age children.  We obtained their school supply lists, and we provided back packs and filled them with the necessary supplies.  What a blessing this was for us!  We loved shopping for supplies for the little ones, picking out items we thought they would enjoy.  We were reminded of the challenges for families as they send their kids off to school.  And we were able to pray for the students and their parents.  God allowed the body of Christ to work together to give dignity to a family and put smiles on the faces of kids who were looking forward to their first day of school.


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