Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

“Blessed are those who mourn – for they shall be comforted.” – Jesus (Matthew 5:4)

Jesus is telling us in Matthew 5:4 that if we mourn our sin we will know the comfort of God’s very presence that brings peace and healing to our souls. One of the primary privileges we have as sons and daughters in the kingdom (vs 3) is comfort. This comfort is not the removal of pain or the solving of our problems. This comfort is the very presence of God that Jesus promises us in John 14:16. The Greek word used in the book of John for the Spirit that will come and intervene in our lives as our Advocate, Counselor, or Comforter is the word “paracletos”. The same root word is used here in verse 4 for comfort. Comfort is not just a gift or an effect from God – comfort is God!

It is quite amazing to think that in declaring our brokenness – in repenting of the sin in our broken souls (this is the idea of mourning here in this passage) – that we can know the presence of God. I often believe that being exposed or “outted” for my sin is the worse thing that can happen; that I will disappoint God and I will receive a reprimand – not comfort. But Jesus says when we agree with God that our sin is death (that is why we mourn) – He will comfort us through His presence. Jesus says that when we agree that this death hurts others, ourselves, and God – He will comfort us through His presence. And this is the best news, what Jesus calls “good news” or the gospel: We receive this comfort not due to our work but due to Jesus’ work.

This means that God comforts me not because I mourn well or right, and not because my mourning is sincere, or because I weep from the depths of my heart. My effort in mourning has no bearing on his comfort. He comforts me because Jesus’ effort on the cross enables me to be with God.

For certain we access this comfort when we “mourn”. And, we miss out on this comfort when ignore our sin. However – rest in and know the powerful hope in this truth: our comfort – God’s very presence – comes to give us peace and healing solely based on Jesus and his work for us. May we run to Jesus today and find Him (comfort) every day as he reveals the sin he calls us to mourn.

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