Sabbatical Update #2

Sabbatical Update #2

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Jesus (Matthew 28:11)

I have been busy – so writing these Sabbata notes got derailed a bit. Sounds a little oxymoronic (yes, I just made up a word, but it’s a good one) but it’s true. I began this Sabbatical in Japan. Returned home to head out for a soccer trip and then immediately left for Guatemala with the whole family to serve the mountain pastors around Chiquimula for a week. I have been busy. Nevertheless – I have found rest – in the midst of some crazy places and circumstances. Let me explain …

The second day we were in Guatemala we hiked about 2 miles ascending over 1000 feet to carry food and encouragement to a pastor named Balthazar. He is a beautiful man serving in a place in the world where he will never be recognized for the size of his church, the power of his sermons, or the creativity of his ministry. Even more – he lives in meager conditions that most of us would call poverty – but he was at rest. And, oh by the way, he is 68 and works in the fields near his mountain. When I asked him how I could pray for him – this was his one request: “That in the midst of all things – I may continue to go to God.” Short, simple, wise words of a man who has found contentment in the middle of a most disconcerting place. His village is not a ministry resort. In his village, there is constant disease, death, witchcraft, persecution, and more. Yet – this man has a contentment – a rest in his soul – that is profound. He has a rest – I want. His prayer was a response to Jesus’ invitation – “Come to me”. His prayer – please Lord, allow me to continue to go to you to find rest.

Tucked away in a tiny little village called Plan Moral , there is a diminutive Guatemalan pastor with a GIANT faith that Christ can bring rest to our souls. And on the top of that mountain, with tired legs and a tired soul – I was encouraged by the one I went to encourage – to find my rest in the only ONE who can give rest.

Business is not a deterrent to rest. It is not the condition of your calendar or your body that determines if you can know rest. Rather, it is the place you go that determines if you find rest. In midst of your business – here these words from Jesus today – “Come to me.”

Lord, grant us the power to come to You so we can know the pleasure of resting in you

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