Botanical Gospel Change

Botanical Gospel Change

How often has change happened quickly in your life? Circumstances can produce quick change – marriage, birth of a child, a death, a sickness. But what about when it comes to you as a person? When have you seen a change in your character or personal life happen quickly? I would venture say that for most of us the times we have seen a quick change in our character is fairly seldom.

In Galatians Paul uses botanical language to talk about growth, But the fruit of the Spirit is…’ (Gal. 5:22). This is a simple reminder that gospel change takes time. Why do you think this is? I can think of a couple reasons:

Slow growth doesn’t hurt ‘as much’

I remember when I was a teenager growing from 5’1” to 6’3”. It happened quickly and it was not pretty. I remember hurting at night when my bones were growing and wishing the pain would just go away. God doesn’t simply just change us over night, and because of that He is sparing us intense pain. Now, I get it, some of us would rather the pain just happen so we could be done with it. But I think God shows us grace by changing us slowly, overtime.

Slow growth points to internal change, not external conforming

God’s design for our change is not for us all to look the same. Slow botanical growth allows for the Holy Spirit to produce in us the character and person that God designed us to be. There is an aspect of development in that growth. Any kind of quick change usually is external and not lasting, while internal change takes time but is more permanent.

In which area(s) are you experiencing gospel change today? Take a moment to thank God that He is taking His time with you, as a masterpiece, through the power of the Holy Spirit transforming you from the inside out.

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