Counseling & Recovery

Healing Found in The Gospel

Linda Huffman

Recovery Minister

“My hope is that the Recovery Ministry, including Steps and counseling will be a place of safety and healing for broken and wounded people as they experience the power of the Gospel.”

Upcoming Classes

Gospel Conversations

Tuesday, January 23 2018

6:30 – 8:30 PM


We believe every word we speak to one another is counseling, so our goal is to equip people in our body with the tools to speak into the lives of others from a biblical perspective. There are many types of counseling out there that base their advice on psychology or worldly views. God’s word has so much to offer us as a means to live life from an eternal perspective, and our goal is to help that happen in daily conversations, discipleship, mentoring and counseling. We live in a fallen world, and whether we are experiencing pain or heartache due to our own sin or the sins of others, God’s word is available for healing and growth. We desire to listen with compassion and understanding and give gospel-centered hope for life.


We offer 2 classes to train men and women to disciple, mentor and counsel others from a Gospel-centered perspective. Really, all of our relationships and conversations give us the opportunity to bring the life of the Gospel into places of hurt or confusion.  These classes would be helpful for anyone who is serving anywhere in the body and has the opportunity to have conversations with kids, teens or adults; or anyone who works in places where they have the ability to influence others. So basically these classes would benefit everyone!

Gospel-Centered Counseling  includes the Gospel perspective on:

  • Who God is
  • Our creation and identity
  • The damage that was done by the fall
  • How redemption brings peace with God
  • How change occurs through the process of sanctification
  • How God works through the Church to bring change
  • What we have to look forward to eternally.

This process is an extended version of what we do in our DNA groups and will help those trained walk with others through their sin and suffering.

Gospel Conversations equips you with the skills to care like Christ does for people who are hurting or stuck in sin by listening and speaking the truth of the Gospel into their lives. You will learn to provide Christ-like comfort, care, and encouragement, help others see life thru the lens of the Gospel and practically apply it to their lives on a daily basis. This class includes discipleship/ counseling “labs” with hands-on experience.

Homework each week will be approximately 3 hours. You will be expected to have read the chapters and answered questions in the workbook before you come to class. Classes will be 2 hours long and we will discuss some of the questions in the workbook, do case studies, and role-play for the experience.


Gospel Conversations begins Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 6:30-8:30 pm in the Summit office building @ 927 E Terra Lane. You can register on Planning Center here.  Once you have registered you will be sent an email with information on ordering your book and homework for the first night of class. If you have any questions contact Linda.

Even if you have not taken Gospel-Centered Counseling, you can take this class.


Steps is a 13-week, intensive discipleship group that uses a 12 step curriculum rewritten in a biblical framework. We recommend that anyone who is interested in being counseled take advantage of this class, which will help you deal with personal struggles (such as fear, anger, abuse, resentments, addictions, and depression) from a gospel-centered perspective as you learn about repentance, reconciliation, making amends and forgiveness. This is a closed group and we ask participants to commit to attending all 13 weeks. Men and women who have been trained to disciple/counsel from a Gospel-centered perspective will lead these groups. We also need men and women who have already done the study to invest in others in a one-on-one discipleship format to be mentors for the 13 weeks of the study. The Gospel calls us to humbly bear one another’s burdens, encourage the fainthearted and help the weak.

The goal is for this to be a path of freedom for believers and nonbelievers who struggle with life dominating sin often called addiction and the related spiritual and relational issues, and for this to be a tool of transformation at The Summit and a way to serve and bring freedom to members of our community. Our next Steps to Recovery class will be in Fall 2018.

Childcare is available with registration.

Linda Huffman

Recovery Minister

“My hope is that Recovery Ministry, including Steps and counseling will be a place of safety and healing for broken and wounded people as they experience the power of the Gospel.”

Upcoming Classes

Gospel Conversations

Tuesday, January 23 2018

6:30 – 8:30 PM


Discipleship counseling is meeting with someone within Summit who has been trained through the Gospel-Centered curriculum. They will meet with you regularly, hear your story and help you see the fears, lies, and idols that keep you stuck in life. They will help you see what rules your heart and help you grieve the effects of living in a fallen world. They will help you see that true and lasting healing only comes from relationship with God and connection to the community of believers. They work directly with Linda in developing a plan specific to your situation.


Linda Huffman, our Recovery Minister, also works with people to determine who can best walk with them. She is also available for counseling on a limited basis. For more info contact Linda.


DNA groups consist of 3-4 men or women who meet weekly to look at scripture to Discover what is says about God and us, Nurture our hearts with truth, which exposes lies we believe and challenges us to Action to bring about life change.  We suggest that the groups are composed of people in the same community groups, but that is not necessary. If you are not in a community group at this time but are interested in a DNA group, come to the next training.

Contact Linda if you are interested in being trained.