Don’t Over Think It!

Don’t Over Think It!

I love trivia! I have way too much useless knowledge in my brain. One of my favorite categories is the Sink or Float category. Basically, I take an item and hold it over a tub of water and people have to guess whether the item will sink or float. The fact is, whether you are six or 96 you can make a guess in this category.

One thing I always say to people before they start guessing is, “Don’t over think it!” Sometimes it’s a simple answer but people will come up with all kinds of crazy ideas to talk themselves out of the easy choice.

When it comes to using our gifts and serving, I think some of us have the same problem. We aren’t serving because we are over thinking. Here are two steps to protect yourself from over thinking:

1. Commit to something for a short period of time.
One way we over think things is we are not sure what is the right place. Consider trying an area of ministry for just three months to get a taste for it. Then if it doesn’t feel right you can try something else for three months.

2. Invite someone to participate with you.
One way we over think things is we make the decision on our own. Consider inviting someone to join you so you can process with them how it went and if that area of ministry is the right fit for you.

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