Before reading this devotional, please read John 20:24-29.

Sometimes in church circles we give Thomas a hard time for doubting in the resurrection of Jesus. But can you blame him? Dead men do not come back to life! Sometimes we are far too harsh on the biblical characters for their lack of faith (hidden in that assumption is that our faith is great!). What can we glean from Jesus’ interaction with Thomas’ doubts? Jesus engages Thomas where he is, acknowledges his doubt and reveals himself as the risen Messiah.

Perhaps many of us even doubt today whether or not Jesus has truly been raised from the dead; others of us doubt his love and care towards us; others of us doubt his sovereign reign over all things. Whatever it is, we all bring our own expectations and doubts to Jesus. Could we this week lay these doubts at the feet of Jesus and believe that he will not only meet us where we are, but perhaps even reveal himself as the risen Messiah even in the midst of our doubts? Could we pray boldly that God would deepen our understanding of his love, shatter our doubts under the weight of his presence, and truly give us a picture of his sovereign rule?

Could this become a prayer for a friend, coworker, neighbor, or family member that does not know the love of God? Could we pray that God would meet them in their current state, acknowledge their doubt about God, and truly reveal Himself as the risen Messiah? Would you take time this week to intentionally pray for a certain individual, that God would reveal himself as the loving and sovereign King who has come to us in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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