He Has Risen!

He Has Risen!

It is customary in many churches to exchange an Easter greeting to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection. One person would proclaim, “He is risen!” while the other person would respond, “He is risen indeed!” While we are not sure when the church began to adopt this practice, we know that it has been in circulation for quite some time and is based upon Luke 24:34, “The Lord has risen indeed…” This is not simply a greeting but a declaration of a very important truth: Jesus truly has risen, giving him victory over sin and death, and therefore, is crowned as the sovereign King over all creation.

Brothers and sisters, as we seek to gather this morning to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, let us enter into his presence with gladness. For King Jesus has finished the work, conquered our sin, and has truly given us hope in this life. Let us come into his presence with trembling and fear, for he truly is the sovereign King for whom every knee will bow and every tongue will confess as Lord. Let us come into his presence with reverence and worship, for he alone is the God who can save, rescue and redeem helpless sinners.

He has risen! He has risen, indeed!

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