Pinky Toes Are Important Too!

Pinky Toes Are Important Too!

1 Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity! (ESV) – Psalm 133:1

I was walking in my house not too long ago headed to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and didn’t want to wake anyone so I didn’t turn any lights on. I misjudged where the corner of the hall was and caught my tiny pinky toe. I am not saying I grazed my pinky toe…I may as well have swung my leg with the force of mighty Thor and slammed my Thor’s pinky toe hammer into the corner! This apparently angered my pinky toe and it rebelled against all my other body parts, rendering me useless. I rolled around on the ground moaning in agony. Unintelligible noises mixed with inappropriate words…and I woke up everyone in the house. Have you ever had that experience? Stepped on a Lego, stubbed your big toe, slam a finger in a door? When a part of the body hurts like that the whole body hurts.

The body of Christ is like that. We, the church, are called “the Body of Christ”. Christ is the head and we all play important roles in the body. Not only does serving in the role God has given us demonstrate that we are obedient; it glorifies Him as we do so. Psalm 133 verse 1 says how good and pleasant it is when we dwell in unity. Unity is such an important thing. If a hand or foot decides not go in the same direction as the rest of the body it causes pain and chaos. When a part of the body of Christ decides not to do what it was made to do it can cause a lot of damage. Division. Bringing attention to us instead of Jesus, where the Glory belongs.

Do you know what God has gifted you to do in the body? Are you obeying in that area? Are there things you need to repent of and get back on track, rejoicing that Jesus has covered our sin and taken the blame so we can walk with him? Our prayer is that we would be a good and pleasant aroma to the world around us as we live unified together in the Gospel, for the Gospel, to the GLORY of God.

It is a beautiful thing when our physical body functions as it is supposed to, all the parts doing what they were created for. Our thumbs making it possible to pick up that coffee cup in the morning. Our eyes letting the light in so we can see the beauty of God’s creation. Our heart beating so all the other parts can function. All these things we take for granted at times…until they do not operate as they should then we become very aware of them. Thank you Lord for creating each one of us to function in unity with the rest of the members of the body of Christ for Your glory.

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