Presence Devotional 1

Presence Devotional 1

Now the birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. — Matthew 1:18

… “she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit.” Read that again. Is it an amazing act of Holy God – or myth? Many claim myth. Many cry hoax. Others say – nice story, beautiful, hopeful – but I’m not sure it’s true.

What do you believe? Seriously. Do you really believe a young teenage girl became pregnant by the touch of the Holy Spirit? Do you believe God can do crazy miraculous things like this?

If you believe this is all a story – a legend created for our hope. I would ask you to consider this question: Who do you think God is and what do you think about his character. Is He GOD? Is he above all things, ruler of all things, and capable of all things? Is He GOD? Or is he a god?

If you believe this account, if you believe the Holy Spirit birthed an infant into young Mary – then I would ask you to consider this question: Do you believe God can do crazy miraculous things and He still does crazy miraculous things?

All through the story of the Bible our God proves he is All-Powerful – that He can do crazy miraculous things. He comes and intervenes in lives for His purposes and promises that through the work of Jesus – the Holy Spirit will come and continue the work of restoration on this earth. God is still at work restoring all things – which means miracles (transforming the broken to be healed) will need to occur until He returns and restores all things. God still does crazy miraculous things because this is how He is restoring all things to how they were meant to be.


Give thanks for the miraculous work of God in your soul that is restoring your broken soul into the image of God.

Give thanks for His miraculous work in other’s souls you know and love.

Tell Him you believe – but ask Him to help your unbelief that He still does crazy miracles today.

If you have children:

If they know any bible stories – get them to tell you their favorite story of a miracle. Get them to tell you and act it out if they are young enough or playful enough. Get them to tell you why they like this story. If they don’t know any bible stories or they are too young to tell you a story – you tell them a story – act it out. Be playful. If you need one to read: here is a good one – Mark 2:1-12. Enjoy!

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