Remembering We Are Loved in Chaos

Remembering We Are Loved in Chaos

When chaos ensues we begin to believe whatever makes us feel better. Perhaps you’ve asked this question, “How can a god that loves me let this happen to me?”

Ever been there?

It’s easy to begin to believe that in a time of chaos, God must not be for us. We start to ask ourselves questions like, “Why would God allow such chaos to occur in my life if He loves me?”

Because of sin, we live in a broken world that God is redeeming to Himself, and He’s using us and our circumstances to do it. While God allows time of chaos in our lives, it’s not in vain. He’s using it for His glory.

Jeremiah 29 tells us that God has a perfect plan for our lives. For our good. And for his glory. We must remind ourselves of these promises. But also, we must remember the context of this story.

Often, we forget about the context and focus on the perfect plan and our good. We want the good and the prosperous but neglect His glory.

The Israelites in Jeremiah 29 had been wondering for a long time, feeling aimless, and waiting for God to come through on His promise. For 70 years they had been wondering. Generations have passed. Some may have been asking God the same questions. “If you really love us, why are we going through so much trial?”

How much more sweet is a victory when you’ve been defeated for so long?

It was Christ’s love for us that led him to bear the cross for our sin. To give us a living hope.

We must remember that our lives are part of a greater story. The story of redemption and of God’s glory. The chaos of our life points to the perfection of Jesus.

Consider it all joy brothers (and sisters) as you face trials of various kinds. Consider it an honor to be loved so much that God would include us in his story, both in the good times and in the chaos.

His love never fails.

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