Sabbatical Musings

Sabbatical Musings

Over the past few months God has shown me a lot of things but I just wanted to share two with you.

The first two weeks off were really strange for me. I felt myself wandering, not really knowing what to do. I didn’t have anywhere to go or anybody to meet with, and I was finding it hard to just rest. So I organized my garage, built some new shelves and a workbench, and pretty much became a carpenter for a week or so. Now this wasn’t a bad thing and, quite frankly they were projects that I had put off doing. What I didn’t realize was that I was using these projects to fill a void that I felt. A void that could only be filled by working. I was having an identity crisis of sorts. After some conversations with my wife and with the Lord. I began to see that I was finding my identity in who I was as a worker and what I did for the church, and now that that was gone I felt empty and a little purposeless. God reminded me that my identity is in him and who He has called me to be.

A second thing I discovered near the end of the sabbatical was that I really undervalued being home. To be honest, I thought that it would be hard to be home for three months, but it wasn’t. What I found was that being a part of the everyday routine with my wife and kids was in fact really restful. To be able to sit there and play games, read books, and run around with my kids was something that my heart really needed. I was able to deepen my relationship with my kids and that never could have happened without me being home. My wife and I were able to spend a lot of intentional time just doing life together. I realized how much of the little things I miss by not being home everyday. God revealed to me what is most important and I understand that more today than I ever have.

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