Sabbatical: Thank You!

Sabbatical: Thank You!

One of the first things I learned as a kid was to always say thank you. But when you’re little, thank you’s don’t really hold much weight because, let’s face it, you only say it when Mom or Dad tell you to say it. As we get older we start to understand the value of saying thank you is more than just about being polite, it is about showing appreciation to those who served you in some capacity. And I am so thankful. So, from the bottom of my heart,


Thank you for serving me and my family by allowing us these past three months to rest. It has been an amazing time for us and I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful we are. So, thank you to everybody who stepped up while I was away. Thank you to the staff and church body for allowing my family this time. Thank you to those of you who gave to us financially to help this summer be memorable for me and Jessica. We are beyond thankful for these past few months, so thank you for allowing us to rest not only physically but in Christ. If I had one encouragement to offer it would be to find time to really rest. Make time to spend some intentional quality time with your family and to find joy by resting in the perfect work of Jesus.

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