Star Wars and Giving

Star Wars and Giving

Star wars toys, Disc golf and becoming a cheerful giver…

Is it really more blessed to give than to receive?

In Acts 20:35 Paul says remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

It’s interesting because it is not recorded in the bible of Jesus saying this. I love this though. I can picture the disciples sitting around a table talking about their time with Jesus and 1 of them mentioning mid conversation, “remember what Jesus said about giving, He said it was more blessed to give than to receive”. Paul obviously took note of this as you can see if you read Acts 20.

I love getting gifts. I guess it is one of my love languages. Still to this day get me a toy for Christmas and it makes my day! Even better if it is a nerf gun or star wars toy! Most of my life I haven’t lived Acts 20, because functionally I have enjoyed getting way more than giving. This makes it pretty difficult to be what God calls us to be in 2 cor. 9:7, a cheerful giver. Cheerful giver. So I not only need to give but be cheerful about it! How can this happen?

Two things have happened in my life that has given me better perspective on giving. 1. I developed hobbies that needed to be funded. I try not to have expensive hobbies, which is why I developed a love for Disc golf. Disc golf is kind of like regular golf (ball golf to us disc golfers) only there are no clubs and instead of golf balls we use Discs. Frisbees…don’t call them Frisbees and for heaven’s sake don’t refer to it as Frisbee golf!! There are many types of discs. Discs to putt with, discs to throw when you need it to fly left or right, discs that go far, discs that go mid range, and so on. As I learned how to play and began to love it more I began to buy better disc and spend a little more on them. And the thing was I spent money on it willingly and cheerfully because I loved what it was going toward.

The other thing that happened to me in life is I was blessed with 2 daughters. I love my daughters. As I am typing this blog I am anxious to see how Brooklynn and Kaelyn’s first day of 1st grade and 3rd grade is going. I can’t wait to see them this afternoon. I am thinking of things I can buy them to celebrate another “first day of school”. I love them and it results in loving giving them gifts. I love to see their face when we give them gifts. I give to them cheerfully because I love them.

God says he LOVES a CHEERFUL giver. As we grow fonder of God and trust Him and Love Him more we will want to love what He loves. He loves a cheerful giver. The type of giver that gives out of the knowledge that is all God’s anyways, so here have it back. We can trust that he is a cheerful giver. He is a perfect father and even imperfect fathers want to provide for their children. If you are like me there a many times we need to repent of how we view our “stuff”. I desire to hold on to it, hoard it, and spend it on myself instead of being a cheerful giver. Cheerfully giving to the Lord, to others in need, instead of holding on or even giving with a bad attitude. He says to not give begrudgingly. My prayer for you and I is that our affections for the Lord would increase and we would give cheerfully experiencing that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

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