The Absurdity of the Resurrection

The Absurdity of the Resurrection

Before reading this devotional, please read John 20:11-18

Have you even stopped to consider the insanity of the claim of Christianity? A man rising from the dead? A man, once crucified by Roman soldiers, now appears healthy and full of strength three days later? His body literally shut down—his heart stopped beating, his lungs ceased to fill with air, his blood stopped pulsing through his veins, and now stands as a fully functioning human being to others? The claim is absolutely absurd—unless it is true!

The early church placed a heavy emphasis on the resurrection of Christ and for good reasons. The resurrection proves not only Jesus’ deity, but that he truly conquers over our most fearful enemy: death itself. No power, no kingdom, no force can thwart the sovereign rule of Jesus’ reign. The resurrection is the objective proof of Jesus’ defeat of the kingdom of darkness as he ushers in a new kingdom—the kingdom of God! This is why Paul says if the resurrection has not happened, we are to be men most pitied. But if the resurrection has truly happened, we should be men and women of the utmost hope and courage, knowing that Jesus sovereignly governs and sustains not only our lives, but also the entire cosmos. Believer, rest in the sovereign rule of Jesus as he governs and sustains all things.

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