The Resurrection Changes Everything

The Resurrection Changes Everything

How did the story of Jesus’ resurrection spread globally by a small band of untrained, uneducated men? Through the power of both the Gospel and the Holy Spirit, and the testimony of the disciple’s transformed lives. In fact, one of the defining ways the Gospel permeated the pagan Roman empire was the character and ethic by which the early church lived. Many were drawn to the Christian religion because of the church’s love for one another, their care for the outcasts, and their unwavering commitment to Christ in the face of opposition.

Although a tad cliché, it nevertheless remains true: the resurrection changes everything. The disciples were once ridden with fears and doubts, and the resurrection of Christ has given them confidence and boldness to proclaim Jesus, even to their death. These men, after seeing Jesus rise from the grave, have been radically transformed in both their conduct as well as their mission. These men now live ethically for Christ and missionally for Christ—so that every tribe, tongue and nation may know of the great love with which Christ has loved us. In other words, the resurrection of Christ naturally gives birth to resurrected lives in us—lives marked by the ethics of the Kingdom of God.

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