We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made!


Have you ever stopped to consider all of the parts that make up our bodies? Unless you have taken a course in anatomy, I am going to guess that your answer, like mine, would be, no. Doctors can tell us how many bones, major organs, minor organs, pints of blood, even down to the number of cells that we have. But for most of us this data is simply not relevant. Instead we focus on simply living and are unaware that our pituitary is glanding, our hair follicles are generating away (except for good old number 1,872 that seems to be slowing down) and our meta-tarsal is providing the flexibility and support it is supposed to. All of this to say, that each part of our body has an assigned function to carry out which it normally does without us being consciously aware of its actions.

How about you in your role in the body of CHRIST? What role(s) are you playing? Are others aware of your “performance” because our body is able to function smoothly, seamlessly, not even fully cognizant of all that is being done? Or, do you perform when you get noticed and the spotlight is on you? Does the body have to make adjustments (limp along) because you just didn’t feel like processing and digesting the food (word) that came to you?

In Luke 17:10 we read: “So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, ‘We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.’”

JESUS is saying to HIS disciples and to us, I have a job for you. This verse is a command or an imperative. However, JESUS has also given us an indicative, that is, HE has provided what we need in order to carry out this command. In this verse, the indicative is implied, but from other verses, we know that HE has created us specifically and uniquely to accomplish this task or to play the roles that HE has for us (Ephesians 2:8-10). No one else can do these roles as well as you because HE has not gifted anyone else the way that HE has gifted you.

So act. Perform the role HE has given you. Join with the other parts of the body to live out our vision of being in the gospel, for the gospel, to HIS glory not to our own.

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