What’s More Important: Prayer or Bible Study?

What’s More Important: Prayer or Bible Study?

It’s a trick question, isn’t it?  Both prayer and Bible study are equally important and valuable for different reasons.  But I found myself not believing that.

This week all of our Community Groups are gathering to pray.  They are gathering to pray for what God is doing in the world, in our church, and in our lives.  As I was getting prepared for our group I was a little bummed because the turn out was going to be low.  Then I said out loud to my wife, “Well, it’s just prayer, so it’s no big deal to have a small crowd.”

I’m still thankful to God that He didn’t strike me with lightning in that moment.  He did, however, convict me in a deep way.  ‘Just prayer’?  What’s inherent in my statement is I think it I more important and valuable for people to show up for Bible study than prayer.  I confessed my short-sighted belief in prayer to our group that night and discovered that our time praying was just as significant and impactful as a great Bible study.

So, what’s more important, prayer or Bible study?  My prayer for us as a church is that we will value both equally and make an effort to be faithful to our community when we gather to study scripture and when we gather to pray.

  • Judy Martin
    Posted at 12:35h, 03 October Reply

    Can you have one without the other?? My prayer life is deeply enriched with the time I spend in the Word and being in the Word always takes me to a place of prayer. A prayer life void of Bible study might lean toward self-focused prayer and a Bible study without prayer may be keeping us from a deep understanding of what we are learning. My opinion only… however, we are commanded to both know the Word and meet with God in prayer.
    (Matthew 22:29, Acts 17:11, (there are TONS more), Ephesians 1:17

    • Dustin Hunt
      Posted at 13:36h, 03 October Reply

      We definitely agree! We need both! Thanks for the comment.

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